Frequently Asked Questions

We are an exclusively online medical consultation service, connecting patients, doctors and nurses via telehealth appointments, making our service simple, discreet and efficient for all.

About Greencare Clinics

We are authentic, affordable and have a highly trained team of doctors and nurse practitioners who are experienced in alternative therapies.

Our practitioners recommended treatment options that they truly feel will benefit the patients’ condition. 

Our experienced practitioners will discuss your medical history including previous medications you have taken for the symptoms you are having a consultation for.

During your consultation you will have the opportunity to discuss the benefits and risks associated with alternative therapies if all other treatment methods have failed. You will be provided with a personalised treatment plan and encouraged to book a follow up appointment to assess your progress.

After assessing your situation, our experienced practitioners will decide if treatment is required.

If you have any questions, please call our patient care team before your consultation on 1300 508 888. 

After assessing your situation, if one of our nurse practitioners decide that treatment is required, a nurse practitioner has the same prescribing ability throughout Australia in the same way that a doctor can.

If your practitioner decides that alternative therapies are the appropriate treatment method for your condition, an application to approve the medication for your situation will be made. 

Once the submission has been approved, your prescription will be sent directly to a pharmacy which specialises in alternative therapies.

Our practitioners are here to support you and will look to prescribe the most appropriate medication to treat your condition. You can certainly discuss any medical preferences you may have, but any medications prescribed will strictly be done at the sole discretion of the practitioner’s professional opinion, if medication is in fact what is needed to treat your condition.

We make no guarantees as to what medication you will be prescribed or if you will be prescribed at all. Every patient’s needs are unique, and our clinicians will take your medical history and current health situation into consideration when deciding what treatment you will need.

If you have been prescribed a schedule 8 medication, your script will expire after 6 months.

Yes you can. To change pharmacies you will need to submit a request to change the dispensing pharmacy through Greencare. Our team will then need to contact the new pharmacy and share the appropriate credentials of the practitioner, any relevant TGA approvals and/or scripts or script tokens. Please call our friendly team on 1300 508 888 and we will assist you. 

Travelling with medication

It may be illegal to drive in Australia when taking some forms of medication to treat your condition.  

Your practitioner will discuss this with you during your consultation. 

In Australia, each state or territory legislation is slightly different, and each has their own requirements. All medication needs to be dispensed and correctly labelled by a pharmacist/pharmacy, nurse practitioner or doctor.

The first thing to consider when travelling with medications, is to know the laws on different medications (particularly of alternative medicines) your country of transit has.

Some medications are still banned in many countries. Don’t risk your life by taking chances; research before you leave, including contacting the country’s embassy or consulate for information, as well as the embassy or consulate of any transit countries.

Your form has been submitted and reviewed, our friendly team will be in touch.

Our Women's Health Medical Expert

Kathleen Kuntz, MSN/NP

University of Pennsylvania BSN/MSN Nursing 2002 
Australia – AHPRA Registered Nurse with Nurse Practitioner
Specialisation in Obstetrics/Gynaecology/Sexual Health

Kathleen is an experienced Nurse Practitioner with a proven track record of assisting clients in finding relief through alternative plant based medications.

With over 25 years experience in women’s health, Kathleen has extensive experience in looking after female veterans who experience chronic pain, anxiety, PTSD and related insomnia (at unacceptably high rates); women experiencing chronic pain associated with endometriosis or other chronic pelvic pain syndromes; sexual health, vulvovaginal pain, pain with intercourse, and pain related to menopause.

After experiencing the positive effects plant based medicine had on patients in the USA, Kathleen undertook the training/education to become a certified cannabis prescriber. After moving to Canberra from the USA, Kathleen became an authorised prescriber in Australia. 

Kathleen is driven by her passion to help patients on their healthcare journey through alternative medication.