Our Mission

Greencare is an online medical clinic comprising a team of medical doctors who provide specialised healthcare advice for patients when accessing plant based medicine.

Greencare’s team of doctors and staff provide patients with ongoing support and communication throughout their treatment process.  We wish to support patients access plant based and endocannabinoid medicines as an effective medical treatment when other treatments have failed them.

We believe in providing our patients with the best available treatments and medicines to help them achieve optimum health, naturally.

Our doctors are well versed in the field of plant based medicines, most of whom are registered as Authorised Prescribers with the TGA.

Our aim is to fully educate patients and those interested in the benefits, the risks and opportunities associated with Medicinal Cannabis and plant based therapy.

Our New Patient Questionaire ensures that our doctors are well informed of our patients medical history and requirements, prior to a consultation.

Post consultation, we monitor our patients closely and with the support of our specialist pharmacy partners.

Founders Story

Greencare’s founder was first exposed to medical cannabis when a friend who was suffering with cancer found great relief using medicinal cannabis to manage their pain and nausea with the chemotherapy. A family member suffering from Fibromyalgia had also seen very positive results in relieving their pain and personally he also found that medical cannabis was helpful with his own struggle with insomnia.

Since experiencing these benefits, Greencare’s founder consulted with practicing medical doctors, leading experts and advocates in the field of plant based medicine.

Hoping to benefit as many people as possible through a more natural approach to health care, Greencare was created.