Our Mission

Greencare is a medical cannabis clinic offering consultation via telehealth.

At Greencare we offer a team of doctors who are Authorised Prescribers of cannabis with the TGA, who provide specialised advice for patients wishing to access plant-based medicine, when other medicinal treatments have failed.

Our highly experienced team of doctors and staff provide patients with ongoing support when accessing medical cannabis and endocannabinoid medicines. We are committed to delivering the best available treatments and plant-based medicines to help patients rebalance their endocannabinoid system (ECS) and achieve optimum health, naturally.

We strive to support and educate our patients and the wider community about the potential benefits, risks and side effects associated with medicinal cannabis as well as dosing, cost and other relevant information.

Our Passion

Greencare’s founder, George Moskos first came across medical cannabis when a friend suffering with cancer, found relief using medicinal cannabis to manage the pain and nausea they were experiencing. A family member suffering from fibromyalgia had also found relief from the lifetime pain they had experienced - and personally he found that medical cannabis was helpful with his own struggle with insomnia.

But it was hard to find and hard to access ...

Since experiencing and witnessing the benefits from using medical cannabis, George consulted with leading experts, specialist doctors and advocates in the field of plant based medicine. The intention was to find and share a way for people to access authorised medical practitioners to assist with their health needs, naturally.

Greencare was established to support people suffering from chronic pain, cancer, anxiety, insomnia, fibromyalgia and the many other symptoms that medical cannabis has been proven to support.