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20 to 30 minutes

No referral required as our doctors are Authorised Prescribers.

New patient consultation and personalised assessment

TGA application for 1 product

(additional prescriptions are charged at $50 per application)

Doctor will apply for your prescription medication

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15 to 20 minutes

No referral required. You are already a qualified patient in our system

For existing patients requiring a follow up consult

Doctor will assess the effectiveness of the initially prescribed medication and will update accordingly.

Doctor will note your progress and will issue a new prescription should this be required

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Greencare Appointment Options

Initial Consult


If you are clear about your symptoms, have been referred by your GP and/or have read our FAQs and taken our eligibility test and feel comfortable proceeding with an appointment, we recommend booking a consultation with one of our doctors.

Prior to your appointment you will fill out an in depth questionnaire so that our Doctors are well informed with your current situation and can prepare for your appointment accordingly. During your appointment our Doctors will discuss with you via telehealth an individualised potential treatment plan for your specific symptoms using prescription plant based and endocannabinoid medicine, with the end goal of optimising your health and wellbeing.

Our Doctors will then apply for your prescription medication and you will receive an email with the approval and prescription for you to then take to our recommended pharmacist to collect.

Follow up consult


Our follow up Doctors consultation is offered to discuss any changes you have noticed in your health and symptoms, any improvements or regressions, potential issues that may have arisen or any worries you have since commencing your treatment plan.

Our doctor can then adapt your treatment depending on your experiences and order a different prescription if need be.

If your treatment is all going to plan and you don’t have any questions or worries, this consult is a good time for our Doctors to note your progress and order a new prescription if you need.

Pharmacy Consult

If you have read our FAQs and taken our eligibility test but still have general questions regarding plant based medicines we recommend discussing with a Nurse via one of our specialist Pharmacy Partners. Our Pharmacy Partners are highly experienced in dispensing and consulting on plant based medicines.

Astrid Dispensary is a boutique specialty pharmacy, pioneering in cannabinoid medicine, plant-based therapies and nutraceuticals in the heart of South Yarra, Melbourne. Astrid Dispensary will happily discuss concerns or any general questions about the medicines you have been prescribed, or that you are considering.(03) 9077 2446 www.astrid.health.com