Period Pain

What is Period Pain and the symptoms?

Period pain is minimal or mild discomfort during menstruation, when the muscles in the uterus contract or tighten. Pain can include cramping and heaviness in the pelvic area, lower back, stomach or legs. Other symptoms can include; nausea, vomiting, paleness, diarrhoea or loose bowels. About 90 per cent of Australian women under 25 suffer from period pain on a relatively regular basis.

Studies have shown that plant based endocannabinoid medicines can potentially improve Period Pain symptoms? Endocannabiod medication is an effective treatment for chronic pain in adults, reducing pain and inflammation[1]. The chemical structures of medical cannabis can release the dopamine hormone in your brain, which may change the perspective of pain in individuals[2]. It may also help by relaxing the muscular tissue of your uterus, which could help relieve the pain. There have been no studies that prove medical cannabis relieves period pain.



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