In 2016 the Australian Federal Government legalised access to medicinal cannabis and made it possible for a registered medical doctor to prescribe it, when other medicines have failed.

At Grreencare, our patients have the opportunity to access all medical treatments available in Australia, including medical cannabis.

If you’re suffering from a chronic pain condition and you are looking for alternative therapies to replace traditional medicines that may not be working as effectively as you may require, or is causing harmful side effects, please make a booking with one of our doctors to see if alternative medicines might be a suitable option.

We are here to support your health journey and make it as comfortable a process as possible.

Greencare Patient Support

Simple Registration

It is an easy process to make a booking with Greencare.

highly trained specialists

Our team of doctors and practitioners are support to help our patients achieve their best health, naturally.

Personalised Treatment

We treat our patients for their unique and individual needs.

Australian Wide Consultations

We are an online medical clinic, utilising both video and telephone for consultations.
We offer our services Australia wide.

Prescription Access Privileges

We provide our patients with e-scripts and work with specialist pharmacies to offer further consultation, and to ensure that our patients are well informed at each step of their health journey.

Efficient Delivery

Prescribed medications conveniently delivered to your door swiftly, through our efficient pharmacy network which includes Astrid Dispensary, Basgers Pharmacy and Dukasa Compound Pharmacy.