Is Cannabis Oil legal in Australia?

A patient must receive a prescription from a medical practitioner to legally possess and consume Cannabis or "endocannabinoid" medicines in Australia.  The medical practitioner will have obtained an approval from the TGA and/or State Health Authority. 

In 2016, The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) reclassified endocannabinoid products containing THC from being prohibited (Schedule 9) to being controlled (schedule 8), making the prescription of medicinal cannabis containing THC legal in Australia. Cannabidiol (CBD) products (which have less than 2% remain at Schedule 4, (and have much less restriction than Schedule 8 products).

Recreational use remains illegal across all federal, state, and territories in Australia.

Why choose plant based medicines?

Plant based and endocannabinoid medicines have been shown to relieve pain, prevent or reduce vomiting, and has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It can be particularly useful where other, traditional medications have failed.

Why choose Greencare? 

We are authentic, affordable and highly trained. 

Several cannabis clinics have their own range of medication that they also prescribe and sell to patients.  We believe that doctors should have zero ties to any medication producer and therefore have not alignment to any manufacturer.  Our doctors only prescribe what is best for their patients.  

Am I eligible to access Medical Cannabis? 

Please take our Eligibility Test and see if you might be eligible to access plant based medicines. 

What will my consultation include? 

Our doctors will discuss your medical history including previous and medications you have taken for the symptoms you are having a consultation for.  You will be have the opportunity to discuss the benefits and risks associated with Medical Cannabis.  If your doctor deems that you are eligible to trial medicinal cannabis, they will discuss the process and tailor personalised treatment and medications to suit individual needs. 

How do I access and receive my medications?

Applications for medication is through either the TGA through the Special Access Scheme or Authorised Prescriber Scheme.  Your doctors will apply for approval of your medication and once approved your prescription will be sent directly to our pharmacy partner who specialises in medical cannabis and plant based medicines.   These pharmacies have been chosen by Greencare to ensure that you are supported at each step of your health journey.  Greencare has no financial or commercial benefit in working with these pharmacies.  

What are the costs for medication?

The average costs for medical cannabis is between $2.5 and $12 a day.

Why choose a regulated plant based prescription product over "street" versions?

Street derived illegal versions are not regulated and may well be laced with other dangerous psychoactive drugs or chemicals.   

How do you take it?

Depending on the strain or variety of endocannabinoid being prescribed for your condition, your doctor may recommend a particular method of ingestion. 

Is it illegal to drive when prescribed with plant based and endocannabinoid products?

It is illegal for any patient being treated with medicinal endocannabinoids containing THC to drive while undergoing treatment.

Is interstate travel allowed?

As long as you have a prescription for your product, then you can travel interstate, domestic or internationally.

Are there medicines you cannot take with plant based and endocannabinoid medicines?

These alternatives are becoming increasingly more popular around the world and there are a few drug interactions that may be good to avoid, including buprenorphine and Levomethadyl acetate, both of which are opioid painkillers.

No advice can replace information from your doctor and the best way forward is to have an open and honest discussion with your healthcare professional. 

Are there any side effects from taking plant based and endocannabinoid medicines?

Although these alternatives have a large safety profile, and there have been no recorded deaths attributed directly to their use, endocannabinoid and plant based medicines can still produce notable side effects, especially in patients have not tried these alternatives before. Side effects are very much dose-dependant, stemming from large doses of the cannabinoid, delta 9 Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Some users, especially novice ones, could experience psychoactive and other side effects associated with THC consumption:

  • Tachycardia (rapid heartbeat) is common among novice users;
  • Dry mouth (cottonmouth);
  • Dizziness or light-headedness;
  • Red, irritated eyes;
  • Coughing caused by inhaled cannabis (combustion), or vaporized endocannabinoids.

In many instances, the above side effects are short-term and more prevalent in novice users.

Can I use these products if I am pregnant?

Patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding, have liver disease, heart disease, lung disease, a family or personal history of mental health disorders such as bi-polar disease, schizophrenia, psychosis or substance use disorder are at greater risk for experiencing negative side effects, and should consult with their physician before using endocannabinoid and plant based medicines.