Medical Roles

Greencare is an online, Australian owned medical centre comprising of a team of doctors and staff who support and educate patients access plant based and endocannabinoid medicine via online consultations, when other treatments have not worked.

We are always interested in speaking with doctors, mental health and allied health professionals who are also interested in working with medical cannabis as a medical treatment for patients, when other medications have failed.

We enjoy working with doctors who are also Authorised Prescribers for medical cannabis products, with the TGA, as they will have a strong level of experience and understanding of a broad range of medicine.

Please email us for a Starter Kit which illustrates the different benefits and tools we have arranged to make your time working with Greencare as seamless and as comfortable as possible.

Referring Your Patients

We would be very pleased to support your patients and to educate them on suitable natural medicines.

Our doctors are highly trained and experienced in the field of natural medicines. Our doctors are registered with the TGA as Authorised Prescribers, for medical cannabis products. ​

It is our job to walk your patients through the process of finding the most effective plant based medicine for their current conditions with the focus on optimising their health and wellbeing for the future. We do an in depth pre-screening of all patients and closely monitor patients for any adverse events. We focus on safe and controlled administration of plant based medicines, whilst striving for positive outcomes for the patient.

We offer consultations via telehealth (via phone or video) for your patients convenience so that our doctors can be accessible from anywhere in Australia

We do not always require a referral form to treat your patients but it is preferred. Please find our referral form attached here.

Benefits of working with Greencare:

Flexible Hours & WORK LOCATION

Work from any location in Australia at times that are most convenient for you.

Attractive Rates

Generous renumeration on all consultations.


We provide admin support to assist with patient care, ongoing training throughout the year and industry updates.

Ready Client Base

We do all of the work to ensure that you have a number of consultations that is comfortable for you.


Through our advanced practice management system you will have the opportunity to use E-Scripting for your patients.

Patient Screening

Through our booking system, your patients will complete an detailed questionnaire to ensure that our doctors have all relevant information prior to their consultation.